Sky Prime Private Aviation services Owner Advantage Programe in Saudi Arabia


SKY PRIME provides “turnkey"operational solutions to aircraft owners ensuring maximum flexibility, privacy and comfort.

Our dedicated team of aircraft management professionals will ensure safe operations of private aircraft to make the most out of its investment.

Enjoy availability and reliability with 24/7 VIP services and technical support with our team of aviation experts.

At SKY PRIME, we build and maintain long term successful business relationships and partnerships based on:

  • Responsibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Total transparency
  • Reliability
  • Professional handling
  • Uncompromised safety

Sky Prime Private Aviation services Cost of charter flights price

Private Jet Charter

Enjoy a prestigious journey with Sky Prime. Allow us to take care of your comfortable travel requirements to suit your business and leisure needs. We are well equipped and here to provide you with a private jet ready for takeoff from any airport and to any location worldwide.

At Sky Prime, you can expect to find the standard services at your disposal:

  • Aircraft on-time arrangement
  • Modern facilities for business meetings
  • Elegant dining services
  • Latest entertainment technologies

All the above while enjoying high end luxury and privacy.

Experience the pleasure of an exclusive and luxurious journey. Sky Prime is leading aircraft charter companies with an active aircraft base in Saudi Arabia. With a dedicated team of aviation experts, we are a very well reputed and trust-worthy private aviation company. At Sky Prime, you can easily book one of our private jets at an incredibly competitive price. Our team regularly strive to provide customers with the ultimate in luxury air travel, creating unforgettable memories for our esteemed passengers. Get access to an amazing executive jet equipped with all essential safety and security aspects, onboard entertainment and comfort surpassing your expectations. Browse through our online platform and opt for a reliable private jet charter making your journey, an extremely pleasurable and memorable one.

Sky Prime Private Aviation services in house Maintenance & Technical Support


Sky Prime Maintenance & Technical Support manage full airframe, avionics and engine maintenance programs as well as upgrade and modification services for both private and commercial aircraft.

We provide full maintenance support capability that is cost effective and always within the highest safety standards.

Sky Prime Private Aviation Project Management in airline industry


SKY PRIME offers aviation project management and consultancy services for various aircraft related projects including:

Aircraft Acquisitions

Acceptance & Delivery Services

Aircraft Completion Management

Our team has wealth of experience in managing different aircraft related projects. We focus on keeping up with delivery timelines whilst maintaining cost efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.

Sky Prime Private Aviation Services airport ground handling


Sky Prime provides “turnkey“ operational and maintenance solutions to aircraft owners to enjoy maximum flexibility, privacy and comfort.

We manage all the daily trip details through our advanced ground support equipment.

We are a one-stop shop and provide our customer with a complete service designed specifically around his or her needs. We do not only focus on in flight luxury,our team is well trained and experienced on the ground so you can rest assured that short notice will be enough notice. Our services on the ground are complimented by a range of concierge services including hotel and VIP/luxury transportation, access coordination to executive lounges and other exclusive services through our selected and approved affiliates.

Sky Prime Private Aviation international aviation consultancy services in Saudi Arabia


Sky Prime Aviation provides effective consultation services and solutions for aircraft management,asset acquisition, aircraft trading including drafting of quality audits, business plans and feasibility studies prepared by aviation professionals and consultants.

“Let us guide you through, so you can simply enjoy your asset”

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